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Candidate's Perspective

After more than eight years of community and civic involvement with the Town of Atherton, I have made the decision to run for the Atherton Town Council in the upcoming election cycle. My decision is motivated by my commitment to protect our community’s incredible character, charmed history and promising future by reinvigorating resident involvement on every level. I have been involved in numerous local civic matters as a resident: working on local campaigns, speaking at Town Council and committee meetings, serving on two committees and various ad-hoc committees, restoring annual town events, and generating resident awareness of key issues.

Despite my involvement, I have found it difficult to establish real change without being a member of our Town Council. By serving as Town Councilwoman I will be more effective working with the express goal of enacting changes that further improve our community and increase local involvement of our residents in civic matters.

Christine's Experience

• Establish Annual Community Events Committee:

  • Christine is currently working with the Friends of Atherton Community Library and Town administrators to plan, promote and manage a series of Annual Community Events to be managed by resident volunteers with the support of the Town administration and library staff.

  • Examples: Annual Halloween Party (2018, 2019), Annual Holiday Lighting Event 2019), Movies @ Holbrook-Palmer Park, Local Atherton Art in the Park, Local Writer Events, Local Garden Tours and more.
• Establish a Holbrook-Palmer Park Volunteer Program and Wish List:

  • While Vice Chair of Atherton’s Holbrook-Palmer Park, Park and Recreation Committee, Christine proposed that the committee establish a “Wish List” and Volunteer Program to address both the small and larger ongoing needs of the park while most town funds are ear-marked for the new town center. For this reason, the park’s annual budget will be limited for the next 4-5 years leaving the park with limited funds for use as new needs arise.

• San Francisco Airport Noise Committee – Founding Appointee of Supervisors Jim Gonzales and Bill Maher
• CCAC (Civic Center Advisory Committee, Atherton)- Appointee of Atherton Town Council
• Park and Recreation Committee (Holbrook-Palmer Park, Atherton) - Appointee of Atherton Town Council, Vice Chairwoman

• – Board Member, Co-chair Marketing
• FACL (Friends of Atherton Community Library) - Board Member

• No on High Speed Rail (Through Peninsula Corridor)
• Yes on Measure A (Atherton Town Center Financing)
• Yes on Measure F (Atherton Parcel Tax)
• No on SB50 (now SB1120, SB902, SB995, SB1085, AB725, AB1279, AB2345, AB3040, SB35, AB3107 and SB1299)
• Fought against Water Treatment Facility @ Holbrook Palmer Park, Atherton
• Propsed an Off-Leash Dog Park @ Holbrook Palmer Park, Atherton

Educational & Professional

I graduated from the University of San Francisco in International Business and International Finance. I began my career working for ten years in my family business building a successful new division focused on overseas government bids. I moved on to executive roles in three emerging tech companies and a public relations firm. I finished up my professional career by consulting for several venture capitalists and their associated companies before making the decision to stay at home to raise our two children, Julia (26) and Evan (23). Since then, I have been involved in our children’s schools, organized philanthropic campaigns and events, and participated on various boards, in addition to my civic involvement with the Town Atherton.

Endorsements & Quotes

Christine's Vision for Atherton

By establishing term limits, recommending a new way to equally share the responsibilities of mayor, developing a round table approach and reinvigorating our sense of community, we will generate interest and involvement at all levels. We will encourage our resident volunteers to participate by welcoming them in our decision-making process.

Increase Town Council Transparency

By requiring that all projects and services currently under consideration by the Town Council include MOUs, detailed business plans reflecting all short and long-term costs, overhead, and expenses including long-term liabilities, we ensure the transparency of the Town Council’s decision-making process, and secure our Town’s financial future.

Bridge the Town Government and Resident Base

By establishing term limits for our Town Council, and amending the way Council Members share the position of Mayor, we generate more opportunities for residents to participate in our local government.

By updating the Town of Atherton’s website, backed by a voluntary secure resident database, we provide residents with an easy and secure way to reach out, remain informed, stay connected and get involved.

Increase Committee/Commission Responsibilities and Expand our Use of Resident-Led ad hoc Committees

By increasing the use of local committees, resident-led subcommittees, and commission responsibilities to focus on important local issues, we encourage more resident involvement in Atherton's future.

Christine's Perspective on Atherton's Current Issues

CA High-Speed Rail, Peninsula Corridor (’98-Present)

Though I am in favor of increasing the use of effective and eco-friendly public transportation, including the use of high-speed rail, I do not support the current project nor its associated costs. The proposed route, coming up the Peninsula Corridor, will only divide our communities and leave us with unwanted expenses.

Failed CA Senate Bill SB50, now 9 other SB & AB bills

The current series of state and assembly bills are aimed at preempting local government control of land zoning in residential neighborhoods in favor of multi-family, multi-income, zero lot line, zero parking housing throughout. I am not in favor of these bills as they threaten the character of existing single-family residence only neighborhoods and towns like Atherton.

Storm Water Capture and Treatment Facility at Menlo College and Menlo School (‘18-Present)

This project has been proposed at two other locations before being proposed at Menlo College and Menlo School’s Cartan Field. Though cleaning water from our watershed districts runoff before it enters our bay is critical to the health and welfare of its inhabitants, this project could include unwanted overhead and expenses the Town of Atherton cannot currently afford. For at least the next 5 years, our annual budget is earmarked for the financing and completion of the new Town Center. I am in favor of putting additional projects of this magnitude on hold until our Town Center is complete.

New Town Center (‘18-Present)

Upon completion, our new town center will act as the heart of the town of Atherton, offering multi-purpose indoor and outdoor community spaces, walking gardens, courtyards, and opportunities to meet at our outdoor cafe. While this project is underway, it is critical that we carefully manage additional expenses safeguarding our annual budget.

Closing of Atherton Train Station (’19-Present)

Though our train station is an important part of its history, I am in favor of closing the Atherton train station in order to (i) ward off potential threats from current state and assembly bills, and (ii) eliminate the use of train horns within the Town’s boundaries by establishing a “quiet zone” at the Watkins crossing through use of CalTrain funds to build and service new quad gates.

Surf Air (’15-Present)

Our Peninsula’s unique character includes the qualities of peaceful outdoor living, a quality more important now than ever before. The availability of quiet outdoor space and the quality of life it offers needs protection against overbearing sound intrusions including that of Surf Air’s daily traffic. I am in favor of requiring that Surf Air operate more quietly over the bay.

Safe Pedestrian and Bicycle Routes

Given our current Covid-19 realities, the use of local pedestrian and bicycle routes gain renewed importance. I am in favor of expanding these routes to further mitigate traffic issues, while protecting the pedestrians, runners, dog walkers and bicyclists throughout our Atherton community.

Environmental Programs

As one of the communities on the San Francisco Bay Peninsula, it is critical that we pay attention to all matters pertaining to the Town’s natural and built environment and remain actively involved in the Town’s regional role and responsibilities. I am in favor of establishing pro-active community engagement programs for residents, and encouraging cooperation with neighboring communities to safeguard the health and beauty of the Peninsula.

Menlo Park Fire District

I have communicated with other resident members of the fire district, council members, and local Atherton residents on this important issue. I believe there is much more to consider, it would not be prudent for Atherton to make a final decision at this time. Our town needs a close working relationship with our fire district. We need to work together to ensure the consistent continuation of our fire department’s excellent service to the broader community which includes Atherton. I do not support removing our Town from the fire district.

Atherton Police Department

I have the distinct advantage of living up the street from our Atherton Police Department. In the 21 years we have lived here I have had the opportunity to meet, work with, and support these incredible women and men in our department.

Last year safety and security became a concern in our Town after a string of burglaries last winter. After our police did an excellent job meeting with our residents about related concerns, requests, and possible solutions, Town officials opted to install security cameras throughout specific intersections around Atherton. At the same time, there has been a national movement to more scrutinize police conduct and surveillance. To address this Town officials decided to increase training to provide a deeper understanding of these national issues and expanded the use of individual cameras to further ensure the safety of our residents, guests, and our on-duty police officers.

Our chief and his team have done an excellent job working and communicating with residents as new issues arise. I have every faith in our Chief and his team and their ability to protect, defend and continue to be incredible members of our Atherton Community.

Personal History

I was born as the last of five children and raised as a 5th generation San Franciscan to a family of entrepreneurs where business and diplomacy were common subjects for discussion. My love for Atherton began when visiting friends in “The Country” with my Grandma as a child during the summer months when trying to escape the fog. I loved the idea that gardens could grow more than just artichokes during the summer months.

When my husband and I first met in 1989, we knew we would end up living in Atherton. We both loved the area and our careers were both focused on the tech world of start-ups and growth companies.

This year, Mike and I celebrated 30 years together, 21 of them living in Atherton. We enjoy spending time with family and friends, discovering great food and wine, and taking long walks and hikes just about anywhere we travel. Our daughter, Julia, works for PayPal, managing their PayPal Gives worldwide program while finishing up her master's degree in Business at San Jose State. Our son, Evan, works for the local Jewish Community Center, managing Covid-19 related concerns within their senior living community. Our family dog, “Benji”, turns five this year, and still enjoys treats, snuggling, long walks throughout town, especially his daily walks with Mom around Holbrook-Palmer Park.

Off-Leash Dog Area at Holbrook Palmer Park

History of the Project

In the 2015 HP Park Master Plan, funded by tax dollars, there was only one recommendation; that an off-leash dog area in Holbrook-Palmer Park be built and, as is tradition, funded by resident donations. While Vice Chair of the Park and Recreation Committee, I collaborated with the chair, councilmembers, residents and staff generating a business plan for a fully resident funded, financially sustainable, member only, secure, safe, clean and enclosed off-leash dog area at HP Park.

After a disappointing and surprising town council response opposing an off-leash dog area and removing it from the Town of Atherton’s Master Plan, I decided to resign to move forward with this project while running for Atherton Town Council.
Town Council Meeting Video, Dated Nov. 20, 2019
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More Information

To express your support for this requested and needed off-leash dog area at Holbrook-Palmer Park, please email Christine and fill out the form below. Only one vote per name and e-mail address. Please share our campaign with your friends and neighbors who love dogs in and around Atherton. Ask them to make a difference by supporting as well. All data is confidential to our secure contact database. The only thing we ask is that you allow us to share the total number of off-leash dog park supporters with the new Town Council, after November 3, 2020!

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Campaign Team

Our Campaign Team is comprised of five members, Christine as the Candidate and Leader. Korina Dehpanah as Head of Marketing, John Davey as Campaign Manager, Callan Davey as Innovator in Residence, Jason Rivera as Website Operations Manager & Front-End Developer.

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Korina Dehpanah

Head of Marketing

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Callan Davey

Innovator in Residence

Jason Rivera

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